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The Community Health Nurse Specialist (CHNS) works with schools, community coalitions, health care providers, and the Hometown Health Regional Team to improve the health of youth in Arkansas.   Activities include advocating for implementation of tobacco prevention education, acting as a resource for the 22 school districts served by Dawson Co-op and linking school health and Hometown Health coalitions.  The CHNS promotes and provided education to reduce the health consequences of tobacco, and educates youth about the health risks associated with tobacco use.  The CHNS promotes programs to encourage persons who already use tobacco to stop by incorporating the Center of Disease Control’s Nine Best Practices for a Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program.  The CHNS offers technical assistance to the school’s in their wellness endeavors such as promoting healthy eating and healthy moving, implementation of Coordinated School Health, and in the development of the Act 1220 mandated school Wellness Committees.

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