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Welcome to the Arkansas Digital Sandbox

Welcome to Arkansas Digital Sandbox. Arkansas Digital Sandbox is the newest and safest way to collaborate, store, and share multi-media in a closed, social learning network. Users can store everything from science experiments, artwork, projects, professional development content and much more. All student work, as well as district uploaded content, is password protected and complies with CIPA and COPPA.

All students and educators in Arkansas have an Arkansas Digital Sandbox Account. To login, you must locate the login page for your school district. Please use one of the three search tools below to locate your district login page.

District Login Page Link:  CLICK HERE!




Training Resources


Gain a General Understanding


Commissioner's Memo:

 Video: Digital Sandbox Overview


Information Flyer


Learn How to Use the Sandbox

 Document: Digital Sandbox Training Tasks Checklist



Teacher Quick Start Guide


Student Quick Start Guide


Make sure that you have login instructions for teachers and students.

Distribute this hands-on task sheet and allow about 45 minutes for completion.

Provide quick start guides as resources.

Sandbox User Tutorial Videos

How to Change Your Picture Profile

How to Change a User's Password

How to Delete a User

How to Set Up Email Notifications

How to Join a Group

How to Create a Group

How to Create a Group Discussion-Message

How to Share Media to a Group

How to Approve Pending Media

How to Comment on Your Media File

How to Upload Media Only Viewable by Teachers

How to Rate a Video

How to Upload a Video from a Link

How to Request a Buddy

How to Approve a Buddy Request

These are short "How To" training tutorials (available on the Digital Sandbox site) which can be downloaded here. Each video (approx. 1.5 min in length) takes you step-by-step through each basic Sandbox skill.