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Tonia McMillan, Coordinator

GOAL AND OBJECTIVE:   The Dawson Education Cooperative Media Center is dedicated to meeting the goals and objectives set forth by our Board of Directors. It is the desire of the media center to meet and/or exceed the best service possible for the twenty-eight school districts in the Dawson  area.       

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:  Our media center provides technology equipment and taping/recording services for participating member districts.  Programs, text-based materials, and models are also available. Many of the titles available are for teacher staff development. DEC relies a great deal on the expertise of the media specialists in the school districts we serve. A Media Specialists Network has been established to share ideas and make recommendations to the Dawson staff as to how we can best serve them.

Media Resources

MEDIA REQUESTS:                                                    
The DEC Media Center makes deliveries and pick-ups at all 23 school districts in the Dawson area.  For pick-ups, contact Tonia McMillan, Technology Coordinator, email: